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    Show Subtotals Only

    Ryan Smith

      I have a data set with about 40,000 records (10,000 people) and various quarters. Here is an example in Excel. The Totals are aggregate numbers calculated in Tableau (average):

      Because of the nature of the data, all I want to show is quarterly averages. I don't care about the individual IDs. So, I would like a table like below. My goal is to then conduct analyses based on ID demographics, like division or scores on employee competency exams.

      This is relatively easy in Excel using Pivot Tables, but I can't figure it out in Tableau. I tried the First()=0 table calc, but it only works for the first row in the entire table. In fact, it highlights the first row, not the subtotal row (so first()=0 shows the $5 for ID 1, not the $6 subtotal average). I only want the first row in each quarter. When I hide or get rid of the ID info, it effects the Total (or average) row. Is there a simple way to either 1) just show the subtotals (or in this case, average) or 2) to create a table that just shows the averages from scratch? Thank you.