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    What is the best way to represent a report when migrating from SAP BO to Tableau

    lalitha p

      Hello Everyone,


          We are trying to migrate reports from SAP BO to Tableau. I have a report with some number of dimensions and measures which is attached. The excel which i attached is as how the SAP BO report looks like. I can represent that in Tableau. The problem here is

      I have many measures and at each level i am displaying different measures . If you can see at AAA i am displaying 6 measures and at the next one , BBB i am displaying 5 measures which are quiet different compared to the first set. In some reports and in some sets i have same number of measures and some of them are same and some are different. In SAP BO all together they are displaying as a single report. But in Tableau what is the best way we can give it user.


      I am thinking in the following ways to display:

      1. First set i will display with the dimensions i,e the dimensions and the first set of AAA measures in a sheet and then i want to provide a parameter (with values AAA,BBB,CCC etc.,) for the user to switch between the sets of measures
      2. For each set of measures i can create a separate worksheet( Sheet 1: Dimensions and the AAA set of Measures , Sheet 2 : Dimensions and the BBB set of measures etc)  and at the top i can provide some links(navigation) to these worksheets.
      3. The other way is creating different worksheets for each set of measures with the dimensions and hide the dimensions in all other sheets except the first one and place all the worksheets adjacent in a dashboard so that it gives you a horizontal scroll to see all the data in a single dashboard.


      I haven't had any discussion with the business as of now but before that i want to check here is there any other way can we present the dashboard. The main thing here is i have most of the dashboards to be designed like this.




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          Tom W

          If I were you, here's what I'd do;

          • Create some sample data which would allow you to start to create your sample in Tableau as per your Excel sample you attached. Get it as close as feasible within the tool and understand the limitations you're going to face which will prevent you from getting the 'dashboard' 100% like Business Objects.
          • Socialize your prototype with the business and ask for their feedback. Explain the limitations and further refine some real prototypes based on their feedback.


          Generally speaking, if you're going to try and replicate a report like this or the business wants the exact same report (give or take 10%) then I personally don't believe Tableau is the right tool. Again in my opinion a report like this is best suited in a tool like SSRS or something which is designed to produce tabular layout reports. Tableau's strength is it's ease of use, 'live feedback' as you develop and visualization. It does a good job with tabular data, but it doesn't do 'pixel perfect' tabular representations. In my experience business users are quickly frustrated by the inability to do things like move headers to different spots, format things in ultraspecific ways, have subtables etc etc.