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    Device Optimization for Tableau Stories

    Jack Beckwith

      I know that Tableau 10 introduced the "Device Preview" feature, which has helped immensely in styling dashboards across devices. I'm wondering if there's a way to style Tableau Stories similarly.


      I don't see the "Device Preview" option show up when I create a new Story. I've tried optimizing individual dashboards using "Device Preview" then loading them into a Story, but they seem to always take on their "Default" configuration in the Story on any device. Anybody have any advice?

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          Jack Beckwith

          Any thoughts? Would really love to use a Story to present a recent project, but it has to be web-friendly across multiple devices

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            Phil Naranjo

            Hi Jack--


            I'm the Product Manager for the Dashboards Dev Team.  We developed the Device Designer feature.  For version 1.0 of this feature, we were not able to support device specific story authoring.  It turns out that under the covers, at the platform level, dashboard and story authoring are different enough that we couldn't release support for both features in the 10.0 timeframe.  It would have taken us significantly longer to do it in a quality-first manner.  Since there was a lot of demand for device specific dashboard authoring, we decided released this functionality first.  That said, support for story authoring is something that we definitely want to provide.  Please stay tuned!  Thanks for your patience.


            Let me know if you have other questions that I can help with.