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    Fiscal Year Parameter

    Ryan Peper

      Hey all - our Fiscal Year (FY) starts in July and ends in June.  Does anyone know how I can set up a Parameter to compare FY YTD data?  For example i would like to compare FY17 data (months July, August, Sep, Oct of 2016) to FY16 Data over the same time period (months July, Aug, Sep, Oct of 2015) to get an apples to apples comparison of net rev, surgeries, office visits, FTe's etc.  I currently use side by side bars, one for FY16 and one for FY17 to have a quick visual on this year vs last.  As months end throughout the year, i would like to be able to add those totals for the current FY and have the historical be added from previous years totals as well.  Thanks!