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    Parameter and Action Filter inconsistent behaviour


      In my dashboard i have a parameter named "Param-Year" which is used to switch between the dimension(calendar year and fiscal year) and 4 Sheets namely 1, 2, 3 and 4 that change according to my parameter selection. I have a calculated filed named "Calc-Year" which addresses "Param-Year" to change the dimension. "Calc-Year" is been pulled either into Row or Column Shelf in all the 4 sheets. I have actions from all the sheets to other sheets say if i click on sheet 1, it will effect sheet 2, sheet 3 and sheet 4.


      i have kept "Param-Year" in Calendar year and applied action on sheet 1 that lead all the other sheets to change. Now what my ques is, if the my "Param-Year" will the keep the action in all the sheets or will it remove the action?


      i see inconsistent behavior on changing the "Param-year". On changing the parameter, sometimes it leads to remove the action  and sometimes it does not.


      Why is this happening? is there any way to make it consistent in all the scenarios.


      Any help is appreciated.



      Poonguzhali S