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    Color on Unicode Calculated Field

    saujanya  E

      Scenario: I am currently working on creating analysis of number of times a user visits a website.



      1. The last 4 weeks is currently available from the database as a LABEL,  and this changes each week dynamically based on the current week


      2. the user must visit the website at least once every week 



      3. We show  a "Yes" or "No" for each week and the Avg # of active weeks as a the total "Yes" across all weeks (Screen Shot Below)


      4. the User Activity Status is calculated as  a calculated field with UNICODE symbols,


      IIF(([Avg. # of Active Weeks])>=3,"✔","☒")


      5. the reason I did Unicode symbol in a calculated field is because

      when I was adding shape to the calculation it was splitting my rows on "Yes" and "No" and the layout of the cross tab was changing

      (I need to represent the cross tab the same way as in the screen shot below)


      Question: How do I add color to the Unicode Calculated Field? green and Red ? is there a way to change the xml code by opening the twb file in notepad?


      I also looked at the following discussion for ideas, however the Week Label in the cross tab is causing a limitation.


      Re: Need to get shapes to show on Status Column