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    Error Publishing Data Connection Which Connects Tableau Server to an Excel File on Sharepoint

    John Markson

      Hello everyone,


      Issue:  I cannot connect Tableau Server to Excel Files on Sharepoint.


      I have been able to connect to several files on Sharepoint using Tableu Desktop 10.0.  My issue is when I try to publish my data connection to the server.  When I publish my data source to the server I'm getting the following errors:


      "Invalid database name value"

      "class DOMException"

      "Unable to connect to the server "tableau.mycompany.com".  Check that the server is running and that you have acces privileges to the requested database."

      "Error: Unable to connect to this Tableau Server data source"


      1. Tableu server is using a process ID that has that ability to read and write to sharepoint.
      2. My connection is similar to this


         3.  Our Sharepoint Admin has opened up the server by installing the 'Desktop Experience Feature' based on the recomendation in this post (also attached)


         4.  I don't have any issues with Desktop, my issue are when I try to publish the connection to Tableau Server.


      Does anyone have a recomendation on how to fix or troubleshoot this connection?


      Thank you!