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    HELP! - Emergency. Tableau 10 Workbook not opening

    Orlando Suarez

      I really could use help. This is a bit of an emergency as I'm on a deadline to deliver a workbook and it is not opening.


      Here's what happened:


      I was working on my Tableau 10 workbook and I hit save. As soon as I did this my screen flashed and Tableau went down. So I went back to my workbook shortcut icon that I keep on my desktop for easy reference and when I click on that shortcut I get this message:

      Shortcut issue.png

      Of course I did not hit the "Yes" but...I hit the "No" button.

      Then I went and opened Tableau 10 itself and on the home screen I can see all my workbooks but I can't see that particular workbook.


      As a side note I've been saving my workbook constantly everyday as I work on it so this was not the first attempt to save my work. I've been saving successfully everyday and this is the first time I've ever had this happen.


      In any case I can't seem to find this twbx and it is a crucial item that I have to deliver this week.


      Can I please get some help on what I can do to recover that twbx?