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    X,Y on a Map (master-detail)

    Gustavo Fernandez

      Good morning, I'm doing tests with 2 very simple files in excel. In one I have a record with a code, a latitude and a length. In the other I have the same code (typical master-detail) with several registers each with its Latitude and Longitude.


      I want in the same map to put both the point of file 1 and the points of file 2. The problem is that the point of file 1 does not position it in its correct location (see Sheet 2).


      I attached the example.


      Muchas gracias



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          Chris Beck

          the issue you are running into is in your join. because you joined on the code field tableau is building an outer join. your results look like the below. so when you display aspecto, colores is using all of the corresponding latitude and longitude values of hoja11. what you need to do to solve this is union the files together.



          AspectoAspecto (Hoja11)CodigoCodigo (Hoja11)LatitudLatitud (Hoja11)LongitudLongitud (Hoja11)Number of Records


          version 10.1 allows you to do a wildcard union. versions prior to 10.1 you would need to follow the below link.

          Defining Custom Joins with the Custom SQL Option | Tableau Software

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            Gustavo Fernandez

            Hello Chris, thank you very much for your answer.


            Is this the only way to solve this (master-detail)?


            I mean if you have lots of tables related with millions of records within an Oracle system, making a  UNION is not the most advisable (this is my case).


            Thank you very much again




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              Chris Beck

              the only way to accomplish the analysis you are trying to do would be to get all of the aspectos in a single field or list for tableau to reference.