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    Use tabcmd to export workbook


      I am trying to use tabcmd to run a script to schedule the export of a workbook to a .pdf . I have followed instructions but keep getting errors when I try to run the cmd. Apparently I am missing something or do not have the correct syntax.


      This is the script I have created so far:


      cd "C:\tabcmd\Command Line Utility" tabcmd login -s http://localhost -u xxxx -p xxxxxx --no-prompt

      tabcmd export -t DNITableau "APOTReport/WallTimeSummary" --fullpdf -f "C:\testreport.pdf"


      • tabcmd folder location:
        • C:\tabcmd
      • Server
      • User: (removed for sample)
        • xxxxxxx
      • Pass:
        • xxxxxxx
      • Workbook Name:
        • APOT Report
      • View in workbooks (per instructions view has to be included when exporting a workbook)
        • Wall Time Summary