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    Joins, Blends, Filters for a Project

    Sri Kumaran Thirupathy

      I have a Data Source. I want to create a set of sheets. Each sheet connects to a same Data Source, but filters and combination of tables will be different.


      - Joins

      - Blends

      - Filters


      Kindly prefer a good model/approach.


      Existing setup,


      DS1 - DS Filter - Join on T1,T2,T3               -> Sheet1

      DS2 - DS Filter - Join on T1,T4                    -> Sheet2

      DS3 - DS Filter - Join on T1,T2,T3,T4,T5    -> Sheet3


      DS1, DS2, DS3 Data Sources points to same Database say ABC.


      *DS - Data Source

      T - Table




      This is ok for Live Data Source connection.

      But, when we create extract. The extract needs to be created for DS1, DS2, DS3. In this case, consider DS is 1lkh records. DS x 3 = 3lkh records. After applying filter, on average, 2.5lkh records. This seems to be inefficient.