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    Missing partition fields after upgrading to Tableau 10

    Katherine Woods

      We just upgraded to Tableau Server 10 last Friday. Following the upgrade, we are seeing partition fields completely missing, but only on Published Hadoop / Impala connections created off of a view.

      • If you connect to the underlying tables, it works ok.
      • If you use the views in Tableau Server 9, it works OK.
      • If you direct connect to the views using Tableau Desktop version 9, the partition fields are there.
      • If you direct connect to the view using Tableau desktop version 10 you get an error that says the fields are missing. (looking in Hadoop, the fields are there.)


      Has anyone seen this behavior and know why this is happening? We have back graded folks to using tables, but that creates a performance issue for us.


      One additional note, that may be related. Now we are seeing our three backgrounders constantly busy. Before the upgrade, we had one busy most of the time.