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    Grouped stacked bar chart


      Hi everybody,


      I have have a .csv file with the following structure


      Benchmark name | Hardware configuration | #L1 misses (simulator) | #L2 misses (simulator) | #L1 misses (model) | #L2 misses (model)


      where Benchmark name and Hardware configuration are used as dimensions. I would like to plot a grouped stacked bar chart where the two columns with the results from the simulator will be used to create one stacked bar and the results from the model another stacked bar, for each benchmark and each hardware configuration.


      I believe one way to achieve this would be to modify the structure of my CSV file to "rotate" (not sure what the correct name of this operation is, maybe "pivot"?) the columns containing results by adding a new dimension "source" whose cells would contain either "simulator" or "model". I believe this should work just fine.


      However, it's a bit cumbersome for me to modify my file (I have in fact many such files), so I was wondering if it would be possible to plot what I described without having to transform the csv file itself.