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    P&L Reporting

    Amit Ranchod

      Hi all


      I've been tasked with creating a P&L dashboard in Tableau. Based on research, Tableau is not designed to visualise a typical P&L due to the complexity, however, i found this profitability & Growth report on the Tableau site that may suffice.


      Trouble I'm having is looking at 'Categories' in this case includes values such as 'Gross Profit', 'Net Sales' etc which are not present in my dimension value listing at a similar level, as illustrated in attached screenshot. I'm fairly new to Tableau and more of a "drag and drop" user as i do not have SQL skills so i'm limited with the manipulation and creation of new tables.


      I can create the appropriate measures such as Gross Profit, Net Profit, Margins etc, however, i'm unsure on how i can populate these within the dimensions to show alongside Overheads, COGS, Total Sales, etc.


      There appears to be a huge amount of customisation on this workbook, a lot of it i'm guessing is more aligned to the other dashboards, however, at present i'm only interested in P&L, and would appreciate some assistance. Essentially, i'd like to achieve the same viz as in attached, but with our data (apologies, I can't share my data due to confidentiality)


      Thanks, Amit