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    Mapping - Radius around a point

    kieran keene

      Hi there,


      I have started building a map visualization in Tableau


      I have a list of customers, dotted around the map.


      Depending on the value of their order, the bubble changes in colour and depending on the time taken for delivery, the size of the bubble increases / decreases.


      I am now trying to plot each of my distribution centres on the map as a new layer - can I do this?


      From these distribution centres, I need to be able to draw a 100 mile radius - something like the below - is this possible?


      Additionally, if I filter by distribution centre, I would like to only show those individuals whose orders were fulfilled by a distribution centre, where the customer was outside of the 100 mile radius circle. All other points (inside of the radius) should be excluded.


      Thank you for your help