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    Performance of Tableau Desktop: Live Teradata vs. Published (Live) Teradata

    Piyush Prashant



      I have a question about how to access Teradata in Tableau Desktop. I have 2 ways for data access:

      1. Publish the live Teradata data source on Tableau Server and access the published source in Tableau Desktop
      2. Include the live data source in Tableau Desktop


      My question: How do these 2 ways differ in terms of performance?


      The difference in the 2 ways (as per my limited knowledge):

      • Using live data source in Tableau Desktop will always require user to submit password every time the workbook is opened (Note: LDAP authentication is in use)
      • Published data source can have embedded Teradata credentials which will allow user to connect to Teradata without the password submission hassle


      I understand that the password requirement can be important in terms of security.