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    Format the Action filter

    Sandeep Varma



      Action filter is being used as filter to select weeks in Dashboard 2.

      User dont want to see the Year in-front of the date.

      I tried changing Date >Default Proprieties > Date Format.However, this changes the second part of my Action filter, but not the Year.

      However, I am struggling to format it.

      Please see the screenshot and find the workbook.

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          Sarah Ebreo

          Hi Sandeep,


          You can remove the Year in front of the date in the Weeks filter on Dashboard 2 by editing the Dashboard 1 Action to only filter on selected Fields. I've included step by step instructions below and a sample workbook. Let me know if this helps!


          1. On the WOW worksheet, on the Filters shelf, right-click Action(YEAR(Order Date), Week(Order Date)) (YEAR(Order Date) WEEK(Order Date)) and click Remove
          2. On Dashboard 1, click the Dashboard > Actions
          3. Select the Weeks action and click Edit...
          4. In the Target Filters section in the Edit Filter Action window, click Selected Fields
          5. Then click Add Filter...
          6. Set the Field to WEEK(Order Date) Week 5, 2015 and click OK
          7. Click OK to exit the Edit Filter Action window and click OK to exit the Actions window.
          8. Select a point on the Weekly view on Dashboard 1 to take you to Dashboard 2
          9. Select the drop down for WOW > Filters > Action(WEEK(Order Date))
          10. Edit the new action filter and remove the old action filter.
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