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    Create a single chart for multiple SQL Datasource

    Vijay Kumar

      I have reports for 5 different SQL DB but now as separate reports. I want to see the total count of tickets from all locations by date in a single chart. I really have no idea. so I have tried preparing a packaged workbook using excel to explain my SQL scenario


      I have similar tables with same column names (not even a single change) but in 5 different SQL servers. So current setup is separate report for each SQL server.


      Let us take an example TABLE A as 1st SQL Server. I have the data as below



      TABLE B is the 2nd SQL server with the below data / result



      I want to combine these data from different servers for showing it on to one single chart like


      For Jan 1 what is the count of tickets for China, Denver, Canada and India in one single chart / dashboard.


      1) I understood that if this is multiple excel files then we could achieve this by using Tab 9.3 which has the UNION functionality


      2) If I have the data in different tables but in same SQL server, we could create a SQL view for combining the tables in to one before bringing this inside Tableau


      3) I really have no clue on how to proceed further. But if we could do this then it's a wonder