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    Remove Colors From Grand Total

    AJ Singh



      I have this worksheet where I have a calculated field for identify certain records by color but when i bring grand total in the pan it show grand total by color category instead of grand total. How can I fix this?


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          Joshua Milligan



          Your field [Same Payee As Account Description] is being used as a dimension in the view which means it will slice the data -- including giving you multiple slices in the total line.  To avoid this, you can change the calculation to an aggregate instead of row-level calc.  I'm guessing based on your screenshot, but it would likely be something like this (though I can tell this isn't your exact logic):


          IF MIN([Payee Nm]) <>  MAX([Payee Nm]) THEN "Black"

          ELSEIF MIN([Payee Nm]) = MIN([Acct Desc]) THEN "Green"

          ELSE "Red"



          That will give you black for the totals (where you have multiple payee names) and green or red based on matches otherwise.



          Alternately, you could use the drop down menu on the existing field and change it to an Attribute instead of Dimension.


          Hope that helps!