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    'Print selected sheets' to PDF issues in 10.1

    Nicholas Lewis

      Hi All,


      I just updated to tableau 10.1. I'm having issues now with printing multiple pages to a pdf. I have gone about the same way as I did before with 9 where I would hold SHIFT and click on the pages I wanted to print in one pdf document and presto they would be there and properly formatted. Now when I select the pages and print to pdf it gives me only the first document and it format's so that all the charts are incredibly small. Even though I have re-formatted the images to take up the entire page in the dashboard they are setup on, it wont scale them the same. The charts maybe take up 1/3 of a page in letter format.


      Any help with this issue would be much appreciated


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          Ryan Cain

          I'm having the same problem in 10.1.0 and 10.1.1 (on Windows 8), minus the issue with the sizing and formatting. Even with "Selected Pages" selected so I can print multiple pages in one PDF, the PDF that Tableau creates only includes the first page.

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            Grant Wittenberg

            Replying with the same issue to try and get some traction or an update when a solution is found. Previous versions worked fine.  Now in 10.1 on windows 7 and this is causing a large struggle with our reporting.

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              Nicholas Lewis

              Curious if you guys have tried to rebuild the sheets in the new version. I tried and couldn't get that to work, trie formatting it to be 100% scale and still nothing. Temporary solution is to make a new story with the sheets/dashboard. That will put all the sheets on the PDF however, it's obvious it's formatted as a story with the titles above.


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                Kate Halle

                Hi - another user with the same issue with 10.1.1 - just flagging to see if there's anything being done about it at Tableau's end?


                The story workaround doesn't work well for us as the formatting is different. The reports look fine on the dashboards, the only issue is that we can't print multiple pages as one PDF as before. For large reports this is quite a problem ...

                Using Windows 10 - not had a problem with previous versions of Tableau. Other users with 10.1.1 Tableau on Windows 7 have the same problem.


                Thanks if you can help, Tableau.

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                  Tom W

                  Everyone experiencing this issue needs to create a ticket with Tableau Support via the customer portal or here - Submit a case to our support team | Tableau Software

                  The more noise they hear, the better.


                  I've contacted them myself as we too are impacted by this and I've been told the problem will be fixed in an upcoming release. You should check the release notes for issue number 585085.


                  In the meantime, they proposed a couple of workarounds:

                  • Use the option to print the entire workbook and remove unwanted pages after printing in an external PDF editing tool
                    • You could also temporarily delete pages, print to PDF then undo the deletion of the pages.
                  • Edit the underlying XML to revert the workbook back to 10.0 then print from there. I really don't recommend this path - it's going to make your workbook unsupported if you run into issues.
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                    Kevin Das

                    Hi Tom


                    Thanks for the link - I have created a ticket as this is problem is causing a real issue with one of our dashboards.


                    Unfortunately none of the workarounds would work in my situation, but good news to hear that Tableau are looking to apply a fix - thanks for quoting the issue number.


                    All the best



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                      Kevin Das

                      Hi all,


                      One solution may be for Tableau to enable us to download at least the previous version of Tableau Reader from the Customer Portal so that we are not stuck waiting for a fix when a situation like this arises.


                      We can download lots of previous versions of Tableau Desktop, but we can only download the current version of Tableau Reader from the portal. Surely this could be a quick fix for Tableau to overcome issues like this for those customers who also use Reader!

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                        Stephen Jagger

                        Hi All,

                        Same problem here after upgrading to 10.1.

                        The solution i have come up with is to publish the workbook to our server with the Tabs showing.

                        Then you can download to pdf and just select the sheets you want.

                        It's a couple of extra steps but it works.



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                          Tom W

                          I personally prefer to delete the dashboards / sheets I don't want, print to pdf then undo the delete.


                          I've been told by Tableau support the issue is resolved in testing, but it isn't clear which version the fix will be released in.

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                            Matt Arnold

                            The delete and undo option works great.


                            Another way to accomplish a similar function without the need to delete is to open another blank workbook and copy/paste just the sheets that you are needing to print to pdf to the new workbook. Now that the new workbook includes only the sheets that are needing to print to pdf, we have the ability to print this entire workbook instead of selected worksheets. Printing the entire workbook to pdf functions as it did in previous versions.


                            Additionally, the "print selected sheets" works as expected when using an Apple computer. While this may not be possible for all users, it might be helpful for others.


                            Lastly, the issue has been documented in the following Tableau Knowledge Base Article:

                            Unable to Print Selected Sheets to PDF in Tableau Desktop or Tableau Reader



                            Hopefully, the information in this thread is able to help a few more people with this issue.

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                              Tom W

                              This bug has been resolved in last nights release of 10.1.2 -  See Issue Id 585085 on the release notes page 10.1.2 | Tableau Software

                              I've just tested it as working.

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                                Kevin Das



                                I have downloaded version 10.1.4 of Tableau Reader and this issue of not being able to print selected sheets to PDF is now fixed.


                                Does anyone know which version of Tableau Reader (not Desktop) this was fixed in?


                                Many thanks


                                All the best