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    The filtering operation did not complete successfully because of an unexpected error.

    Gregory Zarefes

      I wanted to create a stacked bar chart showing where our sales came from (4 different channels), each has been calculated as its own measure.


      The article is here:  Creating a Stacked Bar Chart Using Multiple Measures | Tableau Software


      I am able to put it in a text table format, and confirm that the four channels match overall sales.


      When I try to create it as a stacked bar chart (Option 1, Step 3 of the shown link) it does not filter because of the error in the title here.


      Each of the 4 measures has a logic in it that basically says "for the past, take actuals, for this month project the remainder of the month, for the future project the entire month".


      I tried making it a separate workbook from the one I was working in, in case something had gotten corrupted or not saved properly, but I still get the same error message - there are only 7 measures in this including the 4 calculated.


      How can I overcome this message to filter properly?


      I notice the following user Getting error while connecting to sql analysis server had the same error message for a different reason and got one response advising to create a ticket with tech support - how would one go about creating one of those if necessary?