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    I am working in Date functions

    rushendra sriram

      I have a date column in my source. Using context filters i have restricted the data for one year. Now i have a rerquirement that. till 11-Nov-2016. ( today ()) in need to apply. that means every data needs to be refreshed. Till today..


      Start date : 01-feb-16

      End Date : Today or Current Date how i can apply this with source.


      Please help. Appreciate your immediate response.


      Thank you,


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          Ravindra Zinjad

          Hello Rushendra,


          You can add filter on datasource level.



          Click on ADD Filter

          Select date columns which we need to compare in my example I am taking order date.

          I am comparing order date should be less than or equal to todays date.


          Everytime my datasource refreshed it will fetch data of order date less than or equal to today date.



          I hopt it help.