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    Tableau News Straight From TC16

    Laryssa Mariano

      Concentra is over at the Tableau Conference 2016 in Austin, TX, this week and we have been posting about the data extravaganza in our blog: https://www.concentra.co.uk/blog


      Check it out to read the latest entries:


      The Tableau Conference 2016 opened with newly appointed CEO, Adam Selipsky, taking the stage to welcome over 13,000 Tableau enthusiasts to Austin. Adam briefly spoke about the importance of data-driven decision making and the cultural aspects of a data-driven organisation before handing over to Christian Chabot, who took us back in time to when he co-founded Tableau 14 years ago. Tableau has certainly come a long way in that time, but Christian insisted 'we are just getting started'. To prove how much is to come, Christian invited 5 of his senior management team to showcase their vision throughout 5 core areas.


      Shankar Vedantam, NPR's social science correspondent and the host of the Hidden Brain podcast, took the opening keynote on day two at Tableau Conference 2016 to talk about communication, change and motivation. Many of Shankar's thoughts and theories can be linked back to the world of data and analytics.


      One of the most popular regular sessions at each Tableau Conference is the Developers On Stage, where Tableau's own developers showcase some of the most exciting features that will appear imminently in the tool. This year was no different with a number of developers highlighting new functionalities in many areas. This blog will summarise these announcements and give you an idea of some great new features that are just around the corner, including many features voted for on the forums.