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    Tableau & PowerBI together in one org.. Any examples?

    Lee Smith

      Whenever you do a Google search for "Tableau PowerBI", you get no less than 27 instances of the characters "vs". Does it have to be this way?


      My company is currently looking to a hybrid approach, where PowerBI is deployed to the "masses", effectively a place for people to rustle up good-looking reports instead of Excel, and reserving Tableau for BI specialists who really know what they're doing. Tableau would be used for the more polished and robust reports, but also for data exploration and discovery, as PowerBI simply isn't as good at this "insight-driven" approach (yet, anyway).


      Does anyone on here have any experience of effectively deploying both of these great tools in to their enterprise? Any advice on how to do it and the sorts of things we need to be considering and so on would be most gratefully received.


      (First post - hope this is the right place to be putting this!)




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          Dan Huff

          I can speak from a Tableau perspective and a general perspective about this. I have worked with a number of our customers in the past that have some sort of hybrid solution like this. Often times it is departmentally based--sales uses Tableau but marketing uses another tool, as an example. As with any comparison of software, you will find that each tool has it strengths. I would suggest that you allow your users to gravitate towards whichever feels natural to them.


          From my experience, Tableau can be learned by almost anyone but it does require some effort to become proficient. If users find themselves more comfortable with something familiar, that is great too. I'd just make sure that you make it clear that people have an option. For what it's worth, everyone here at Tableau from Sales to Marketing to Development learns Tableau to some degree of proficiency. It may be that you find some people are strong analysts than you would have previously thought


          It's obvious that you are and your company are putting a lot of thought into this which is refreshing to see. I hope my rambling helps a bit.