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    How to have percent of total table across and also have percent of total for each entry.

    Nooruddin Khorasi



      As seen in above image, I have three things to be accomplished on stacked bar charts.

      I have three measures - total data usage (total download bytes + total upload bytes), total download bytes and total upload bytes.

      On stacked bar charts, I want

      1) for all applications table across, % of total data usage i.e. ([Total MB] / Window_Sum([Total MB])).  So for example, for youtube it should say it is 45% of all the data usage reported across all apps.  My formula is able to calculate this properly and data usage for all

      apps adds up to 100%.

      2) for each application however, I want % total distribution of total download bytes and total upload bytes.  i.e. - For youtube, the data usage reported constitutes of 98% download bytes and 2% upload bytes.

      3) as it can see My axis adds up to 100%.  What I want is the axis to show % of total data usage. i.e. for youtube the bar should be 45% high and not 100%.


      End result should like this but each bar should show proportion of download bytes and upload bytes.



      How to accomplish this?