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    Unable to add any Dimension in Pages Shelf and Filter Shelf

    Mandaar Mantri

      I am working on "Sample - Superstore - English (Extract).tde".


      I was trying to add "Order Date" dimension to Pages Shelf to create an animation in Tableau, but for some reason I was not able to add it. Also the "Current Page" option which is present at Worksheet --> Show Cards --> Current Page and "Run Update" option present at Worksheet --> Run Update are disabled for me. I am not sure whether I am facing issue with Pages Shelf and Filter Shelf due to these two reasons.

      In order to investigate the issue I have gone through below mentioned technical note, but I was not able to figure out the reason behind this issue.



      Tableau Version which I am working upon is 10.0.1 64-bit


      Attached are the screenshots of following

      1. Scenario which I was trying to attempt

      2. Description of Order Date

      3. Current Page and Run Update option in Menu bar


      Can someone please guide me to fix this issue?