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    Newbie has issues with the wdc


      Hi all,

      today is the first day I Play with the WDC SDK. So please don´t kick me directly



      I ran through the tutorial installed NMG and git and created my first webdata connector on my local machine, This worked without an issue. So I was a Little bit audacious and tried to do the next steps on the Tableau Server.


      I have created a new folder in the httpd and copied my created template (from the tutorial) to the Destination.


      When I now open my WDC I see the same Screen which I previously saw wit the npm. But when I now enter the sample connector and press "start interactive Phase" I am getting a red window with following:



      The WDC reported an error:

      Script error   file: https://connectors.tableau.com/libs/tableauwdc-2.1.latest.js   line: 0



      any Idea what this could be?