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    Displaying two line charts in the same graph

      Hi All,


      I am having an issue with creating a view with two line charts "overlaying" on each other. My source data is kind of different from the normal data set. It is one single row of record:

      I created two line charts based on this: one for this person(YTD Util-Personal), the other for the benchmark number(YTD Util-Comp)

      But, what I really want to see is these two charts in the same graph, meaning they use the same x and y axis. Like this,


      Now I know one approach I can take is to change the source data format. Instead of laying out them in one row, adding "month" as a column so that the two measures share a common axis.

      My question is, is there any way we can "overlap" these two charts without changing the data structure? My reason for avoiding changing the data structure is: we are preparing a dashboard for each individual in the department. We would have 10000+ records(rows) by then. And it would take a long time to transform the format of each record.


      Can anyone give some thoughts/suggestions? Your help is much appreciated!