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    Selected time period on trend line

    Gavin Attard

      Hi Folks


      fairly new to tableu, having a ball, it's a great tool and providing real value.


      I have a challenge which i am not sure is possible but though i would throw the question out there.


      So i have a dashboard that contains a trend graph with a fixed time period. Jan 2015 To-Date. It is a dual axis graph.


      I also have a YoY side bar graph that shows % diff based on a time period selected through a filter (i.e. say YoY growth for May to Sep). The filter only affect the YoY Sheet.


      I would like for this filter produce some form of shading on the trend graph to visually indicate the period selected, so for example a light grey colour that shades May to Sep for 2015 and 2016.


      Has anyone done this or knows of a way to do this?


      Thanks in advance