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    Week dispay format - I want to see dates for end and start of the week at the same time

    Lama Abu Tir



      I would like to present my data per week, each column is a different week. I would like the heading of the column to show me the week number as well as the start and the end dates of the week. For example for week 33 of 2016, I would like to see it like this:

      2016 W33

      15.8.2016 - 21.8.2016


      I duplicated the date and put both on columns, then I set the first to have format Yyyy/Wwww and the second one dd.m.yyyy, this almost worked with the result:

      2016 W33



      In custom I tried: d.m.yyyy - d+6.m.yyyy but this literally printed d + 6 and looked like this:

      2016 W33

      15.8.2016 - 15+6.8.2016


      So, any ideas ?


      Thank you,