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    Parameter - 'Set Field'

    Laura Vecchio

      Good Morning!


      I'm trying to replicate some worksheets from a historic Tableau workbook which was created by someone who is no longer with the company.

      I could copy them into my current workbook but the data sources are now structured differently (historic document is linked with SQL joins however I'm now using blended data).


      Calculated fields, fine however it looks as though there was some trickery used in creating / linking the parameters, in the old workbook the parameter has been 'set from field'. However I cannot for the life of me find out how this was done? Have I created the calculated fields (EndDatefView / StartDatefView) prematurely or is there simply a tick box I have missed?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!! With Tableau & helping me sleep at night . . . .!!

      Thank you



      Historic worksheet

      My new 'duplicated' worksheet showing the 'Set from Field' disabled.

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          Mahfooj Khan

          I don't think your parameter has been created from any date field. If it would have been created from any date field then max date shouldn't exceed from Today's date.

          Lets take an example of Superstore data. If you create a date parameter on [Order Date] then you can realise. Max date wont exceed the today's date. Here data is till 2014. You can try this with your date field.

          If you create a date parameter without using any date field then you can specify you min and max date as per your wish. Or by default tableau specify your min (today's date) and max (date after 100 days from today's date)

          If you calculate date diff then you'll 100 days between #04-11-2016# and #12-02-2017#

          Hope you get my point. Let me know If you've any query.




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            John Sobczak

            Mahfooj,  Date fields can and commonly do have dates greater than today.

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              Mahfooj Khan

              John If I'm creating a parameter using my date field from source data then how a source data can have date which is greater than today?

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                John Sobczak

                I don't know what I'm missing here.  My data sources date fields have dates greater than today.  For example if we are looking at expiration dates, that would be a date field that will have dates in the future, but there are countless other reasons why date fields have dates in the future.