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    Make values in a table in a dashboard hyperlink to another DB?

    Andrew Wolford

      Hi Guys and Gals,


      I'm having a hard time figuring this one out and I'm hoping for some help here....


      I have a dashboard that's fairly simple.  There's a map on the top, and a table on the bottom.  The map shows healthcare providers in our local area based on the filter criteria chosen.  The table below shows the provider names, phone numbers, services offered, etc...  There's a second dashboard that shows the provider details.  I'd like to turn the values (for example provider name) into a hyperlink that links to the Provider Details dashboard for that provider.  Right now it works using an action but you have to click the value in the table, and then click again to hit the link.  I'd love a way to just have the values in the table appear as a hyperlink.


      I hope my question is clear, but let me know if you have questions.  Thanks!!