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    Pareto Chart Instructions Don't Work with v. 10.0.2 (?)

    Joe Nelson

      There is a short video on creating Pareto charts: Pareto Charts | Tableau Software


      At 1:10 they get a continuous filled in area below the line when "Fit Width" is selected.
      I get a bar chart, that is now more compact than it was.

      (This is actually only about 20 seconds into the instructions.  They are just talking before this.)


      In the end they have a continuous blue line, and a solid orange area bound on the top by a line.

      I have a dotted blue lie, and an orange bar chart.


      I have followed the directions step by step.


      I am using a fresh install of 10.0.2.  Apparently the video is for a different version, and there have been significant changes, or there is some underlying setting somewhere that is different.

      The video matches what I see everywhere, except for the results.


      Here's what happens when I try to change the dotted blue line to a continuous line:
          The column is CNTD(Product), continuous and count distinct. The row is SUM(Sales), continuous and measure(sum). This is what the video shows, and they have a continuous line. I have a dotted line. If I change the count distinct setting in the column, I then get a continuous line, but it changes the bottom horizontal axis from "% of Total Running Sum of Distinct count of Product" to the product names (and it's no longer a % of the running sum). The video shows the CNTD(), the "% of Total..." and has a continuous line. How to I get my result to match theirs?

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          Srinidhi Narayan



          I think you have it right.  In the video - the blue line you refer to "appears" as a line, but it is really a series of dots overlapping each other.  The "blue line" is essentially a scatter plot plotting %of total running sum of distinct count of product, and % of total running sum of sales, broken down by product.  I suspect that your resolution is higher than that of the video.    You can try to adjust the size of the dots - click on the size on marks card, and increase/decrease to see the change.  Also can adjust the width of the viz to "compress it a bit". 


          The orange Area you refer to is also just a bar chart in the video, the bars are adjacent, or overlap each other and hence appear as an "area".  Again you can adjust the size of the bars or change the width of the viz to see the difference. 



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            Joe Nelson

            If it was just the bars being adjacent to each other, you would not get a smooth curve, you would get a stair step.  The video shows a smooth curve.  Changing the resolution makes no difference.  They have a continuous blue line, I have a series of blue dots (that would fall on a curved line).  I have looked at many Pareto charts on Google images.  None of them show dotted lines and bar charts.  They all show continuous lines, and continuous areas.   NOTE:  I am using a data set that only has around 30 sales records for 30 products.   I am not using the same data set they are using in the video.  --  I am trying to get a correct Pareto chart - a continuous line, and a continuous filled in area.  

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              Srinidhi Narayan

              Ah, sorry, I assumed you were using the same data set (the super store sample ) as was used in the video.  It wasnt clear to me that you were using a separate dataset.  The data in the video has enough marks on the viz where that ends up looking like a line and an area respectively. 


              What do you see when you pull up the "marks card" for each of the respective sales measures ?  Is that set to Line and area chart respectively?  It may be set to what Tableau defaulted to automatically - most likely it is symbol for the pareto curve, and bar chart for the other.   Have you tried changing the marks card setting?  (Sorry, I am not at a computer that has tableau installed right now, else I would have a few screenshots for you)