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    Seperate a Calendar in Tableau from different Filters

    Martin Doerflinger



      I'm looking for a solution for a problem which I haven't solved yet. Maybe someone can help me. I have a dataset on Tableau Server which contains reports. Each report has different columns like the location and of course the date of the report. It is possible that there aren't reports for a certain day or that there are more than one report for a day as well. The problem is, that the Calendar should only show one Month of the dataset without having missing days, so I actually generate with Alteryx a second data source to fill the gaps (from 1st day of the 1st month for the first year to last day of the last month for the last year means that each month is complete even if the data source of the reports is not)



      If I put YEAR, MONTH and WEEKDAY to the Columns, WEEKNUMBER to the Rows and the DAY as Label to the Marks, I get a very pretty Calendar.


      The problem which I have is, that I need to put some filters to the view. That means if I filter the Location and I select a certain Location instead of "null", the Calendar is missing. Only if I don't link the field "Date" from data source 1 to data source 2, I'm able to see the Calendar. But it's not possible to see the information of the reports then. Is there a way to solve that?



      Also I need a way to get all the information in one tooltip in a line instead of having an asterisk if there are several reports for a day.



      Hope someone can help me. It would be awesome, I would really appreciate it! Thank you in advance





      P.S: A short example of both problems are attached