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    Geographic dashboard question - grouping countries into regions, with different color gradients in each based on total

    Mike Raper

      Like the title says, I have a list of countries with a count for each.  What my internal client wants is a way to show that map in two ways.  The first is just by country, with a filter based on a parameter. Got that.  But the other thing they want is to group the different countries into regions (say the US, Canada and Mexico into a region called North America).  I can do that, but the way the want it eludes me.  They want the total count for all items in the group to display; so imagine the group above with 500 in the US, 200 in Canada, and 100 in Mexico displaying as a single color group, with a total of 800 displayed on it. 


      There are two things I can't quite get to work.


      1:  Getting the total number to display, rather than the individual country totals.

      2:  Getting the color for each region to display as a gradient, with darker = higher numbers.  So, for example, in the above if I picked a green gradient, the US would be the darkest, then Canada, and so on. 


      Ideally each version of the map (country, region) would be on different tabs so I could choose who got to see what via permissions. 


      Any thoughts on this?