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    Working with 2 Tables NOT joined


      I want to look at the dates and times of transactions from two Tables that don't have anything in common other than dates, and those are in two completely different formats.

      The goal is to create a Scatter Plot chart of transaction create times. Can this be accomplished?

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          Carl Slifer

          Hi Mark,


          I'm assuming you're wanting the date from datasource A on the x-axis and the data from datasource B on the y-axis? In doing this you are in fact implying these data sets are related in some way. Most likely on the object  that is being plotted, perhaps? It's a dangerous assumption I'm making but I need more information to go off of.


          Do you have an example, the question is very vague as building a scatter plot can be accomplished in any number of ways but you use scatter plots to find relationships. Depending what you're after there might be a solution in blending, union or join. Please provide a sample of your data set or produce a mockup and myself of the many other folks here will be happy to assist you.


          Best Regards,

          Carl Slifer


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            Stephen Rizzo

            Possibly. That depends on what you want in your scatterplot. What do you want on the y axis and what do you want on the x axis?

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              Thanks for replies. I think my question is much simpler.

              Can I, or how can I, join to data sets in Tableau that don't naturally join (nothing in common except dates which are not formatted the same), or can I just skip this step?



              I feel confident that I can build the report if I can get pass the Data Source step.


              (Does the date field need to be corrected on the back end to allow for a join?)


              Example screenshot: http://img.tutorialgateway.org/2015/08/how-to-join-data-in-tableau-5.jpg

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                Stephen Rizzo

                To the best of my knowledge, each visualization can only source data from one primary data source and several blended data sources. Each data source may only contain related data (you cannot have a single data source that pulls two unrelated tables for instance). You could have data from two different unrelated data sources in a dashboard, but not in a single chart.


                With that said, the reason I asked what you wanted on your axes is that depending on what you have in mind, there may be ways to artificially create relationships in the data to create the chart that you want. For example, if you wanted dates from Table 1 at the coordinates (Date, 1) and dates from Table 2 at the coordinates (Date, 2), that shouldn't be too hard to set up...

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                  Thanks for the replies.

                  I resolved the issue on the back end. I create a new table that I could use to join the other two. Not exactly what I was aiming for, but it works.