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    Errors reading Statistical File

    Luciano Vasconcelos


      I'm reading a sas7bdat file and exceeding the errors limit.

      If i set to show 10 lines data is presented correctly but if i don't use lines limit or try to extract data, message error below is shown.

      Does anyone had already this error? Any idea or tip?


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          Cheryl Grinds

          Hi Luciano,


          This error typically occurs when the file either contains characters that are invalid for the declared encoding or the character encoding that is used in the file is unsupported. It may be possible to work around the error by modifying the error encoding limit using a tableau data connection (.tdc) file in Tableau Desktop.


          The .tdc file should contain information similar to the below, dependent on what version of Tableau you're using. For my example, I used 10.0 and referenced


               <connection-customization class='stat-direct' enabled='true' version='10.0'>

               <vendor name='stat-direct' />

               <driver name='stat-direct' />


               <customization name='encoding-error-limit' value='801' />




          And then to create the .tdc file locally, use the below instructions:

          1. Open a plain text editor, such as Notepad.
          2. Copy the information from the sample provided above and modify version to match your current version of Tableau Desktop
          3. Save the file with a .tdc extension—for example, r-statsfile.tdc—and place in the My Tableau Repository\Datasources folder.
          4. Close out all Tableau Desktop sessions and restart the application to apply the changes.


          If that doesn't resolve the error, I recommend opening a case with Support and send clean Tableau Desktop logs so they can research what is causing the error when you connect live.

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