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    Embedding Breaking Authentication?


      I have a dashboard that's embedded on an ASP page. The dashboard is set to display information only if data.user = USERNAME(). This was working fine for a while, but it seems one of the recent Server upgrades changed how it authenticates - now, instead of showing their name and information, it displays "guest" and no data.


      I tested the URL on its own (i.e. not in ASP) and have the same issue. However; when I changed the embed parameter from "y" to "n", authentication works. It's almost as though it needs to load the headers to validate the correct user. (We're integrated with Active Directory, if that makes a difference.) Unfortunately, the ASP (which I don't control) doesn't allow this. I could simply change the link to go right to Tableau Server, but before I take that step I thought I'd check in with the bright minds here.