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    Quick Filter


      Hi Everyone,


      I am new to Tableau.This is the second report I am building.I have a date field in my datasource which I converted to month granularity and dropped on to the filters.I have given Quick filter for the users to filter the data by month.I have to calculate revenue for the most completed month and display in the CURRENT REVENUE Column.And I also don't want this value to be changed even though the user clicks from January till September(With September being the closing month).Can any body help me with this?



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          Kathryn Bridges

          Hi Santhoshi,


          What you'll need to do is create two different sheets:

          -One with Revenue over Time that is filterable

          -One with Current Revenue that the quick filter does not change.


          When you create the sheets, right click on the filter and make sure the filter is only selected to work "Only on this worksheet" (not "All data sources using this worksheet" or any other option")


          Now, when you add that quickfilter to the dashboard with both sheets, it will only filter the first sheet.


          Good luck!

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            Thank you Kathryn for your quick reply!


            But I have additional calculated fields that the quick filter be used to filter the data by month. And I would like to show the current month revenue column adjacent to them. Do you think this trick gonna work?