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    Reference lines with filtered date range

    Matthew Forrest

      Hi, I have an interesting problem that is stumping me.


      I have a workbook with a line graph showing some simple trended metrics. There is a parameter that allows users to change the range of the graph (e.g. from 56 days to 1 year+) and also to change date level granularity.


      There are also some reference lines that mark important events for the application that the metrics are referring to.


      However, whenever I filter the data to look at only the past several weeks, reference lines from much earlier still show on the graph and skew the axis range. So if I have a reference line from a year ago and filter for the past 56 days, the axis range will show year to date, the reference line will be visible on the first major tick mark, then there will be a ton of empty space, and finally data will appear near the end of the axis. I would like the user to be able to filter the data to show only the reference lines that fit within the user's selected time frame. So if the user filters for a year's worth of data, the reference line will be visible. And if they filter for the past eight weeks, it will simply be off of the graph's axis range and the graph will just show the most recent eight weeks.


      Anyone have ideas?