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    Best approach to spliting a Paramater float across a Table of percentages??

    Ben Shirley

      Hi all


      So i have a basic bar chart


      Categories as Row headings

      #Score as Column


      the #score becomes SUM(SCORE) and then i apply the ANALYSIS/PERCENT OF TABLE


      This all works..


      So now i have a number in a Parameter box, this is for the user to input this years budget allocation and for that budget to be divided across the percent of scores.


      Eg, If i had £100, and 4 Categories at 10%, 20%, 20% and 50%, I would expect £10, £20, £20 and £50


      I did try to make a Calculated field, but it seems very hard to do this based on the same Measure


      I am not really sure how to proceed here, any help would be appreciated, I am sure this is simple, but minds a blank!