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    Extracting meet name based on result

    Kris Hallis



      I have having a lot of trouble with this issue.

      At the moment I have a calculation [BR] that retrieves a student's best result (depending on the view):


      IF attr([Event Type]) = "Track" THEN






      This is used to get personal bests as well as school bests.


      I then have another calculation [BR Meet Name] that is meant to retrieve the name of the meet at which that 'best' result was achieved:


      IIF([BR] = attr([Result]),attr([Meet Name]),null)


      This works when the student has only taken part in one meet for that particular filter. See 'PB Table', 'Name 1 Surname 1' and 'Name 3 Surname 3' (and see underlying data).

      However, it does not work when then the student has taken part in more that one meet for that filter. See 'PB Table' other students.


      Ideally, I want to avoid using an LOD calculation in place of my [BR] calculation as it will require separate calcs for each view (personal bests, school bests etc).

      I tried using a filter to filter out the unneeded underlying data but that didn't work.


      I have attached an example workbook and would appreciate any help


      Thanks very much,