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    combining measures to make one filter

    Mike Raper

      So I've been asked to do a map dashboard, based on a set of 16 measures.  But what they want is to treat the measures as one variable that we can put in a drop-down type of filter.  That way they can easily "flip" between different measures and see how they affect the map.  I'm not sure how you would do that.


      Also, is there a way to combine countries into a region?  For example, combine the US, Canada, and Mexico in a region we label "North America". 


      Any thoughts? 





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          David Li

          Hi Mike, do you mean "dimensions" instead of "measures"? Countries, for instance, would most certainly be dimensions and not measures.


          To combine multiple countries (from one dimension) into a region, you can use Groups. Right-click the country dimension and go to Create > Group. Then, you can group them together in the dialog that pops up.


          To combine multiple different dimensions together, you can select them (hold down CTRL) and then right-click and choose Create > Combined Field.

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            Mike Raper



            The items I want to combine to make a filter with are not the countries, they are measures. For example, I have measures for Self Awareness and Strategic Perspective.  What I want to do is make a drop down that includes both those measures, so then I pick one, the map will change to show the counts for the measure I pick.  Make sense?

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              David Li

              Yes, that makes sense. There are a couple ways you can do this.


              One, you could use Measure Names and Measure Values. If you right-click Measure Names and click "Show Filter", you can filter in measure in your data source. Changing the quick filter to a single-value list may help here. Then, you would put Measure Values into one of your marks in the map.


              Alternatively, you could create a string parameter that would allow your users to pick which measure they want to display. Then, you could create a calculated field that picks the appropriate measure based on the parameter value, probably using a CASE...WHEN structure.