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    Keep a (map) mark highlighted when changing a quick filter

    Lukas Mol

      How do I keep my map mark highlighted, when I change a (quick) filter on that map?


      Here's a description of my workbook and the steps I'm taking:

      I have a worksheet with a map view showing clients.

      There is a quick filter card next to map view to select the day of the week (Mon ... Sun).

      I can highlight a client on the map, by clicking on that client. The mark (client) now stands out amongst all the greyed out other marks on the map.


      So far all good and easy.


      When I change the quick filter on the map (i.e. I choose a different day of the week), my mark selection is 'lost' and all the marks show normally again. This is not what I would like to happen. I would like to change the day of the week using the filter, but still see that particular mark (client) amongst the other marks.


      This is probably because the mark I highlight is both narrowing down to client and day of the week (e.g. client 3 on Wednesday). When I change to Thursday, it doesn't make sense to show client 3 on Wednesday anymore, so instead I get to see everything.


      I've tried to setup a worksheet action, to keep the client filter active. However, this results in only showing that client's mark. There's two issues: 1. the sizing mark is no longer meaningful/dynamic, as the sizing is now done on just one mark. 2. I don't see the greyed out other marks (not the end of the world, but helpful to keep them)


      How would I go about achieving the above?


      ps.: the next step is to highlight one mark, setup a filter action to show detail for that mark on another worksheet, and be able to then change the day of the week filter...

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          Lukas Mol

          I managed to get this working, so posting back how...


          I changed my filter for day of the week, to a pages: i.e. one page per weekday.


          On the map with the marks, define a highlight action.

          - Run action on 'Select'.

          - Source and target is the same: the map worksheet.

          - Target highlighting: selected fields: select the unique mark identifier that keeps the same regardless of the day chosen


          Then I also defined a filter action.

          - Run action on Hover

          - Source = the map sheet

          - Target = a worksheet with week on week detail for the selected mark (client)

          - Target filter: selected fields: added the unique mark identifier (i.e. client code)