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    Year to date, quarter to date and month to date

    Rajesh Agarwal

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I am working on a report which has a column 'Frequency' in database and it has values like Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.

      I need to create a parameter with values 'Monthly', 'Quarterly' and 'Yearly'.

      I need to have data for 'Month to date MTD', 'Quarter to Date (QTD)' and 'Year to date (YTD) in my report based on prompt selection.

      Then I need to create a calculated field using Date column and parameter.

      It will like this:


      If [Parameter] = 'Monthly' then Month to date


      If [Parameter] = 'Quarterly' then Qarter to date


      If [Parameter] = 'Yearly' then Year to date


      When I will calculate this value, then I need to put it on filter self.


      Based on selection by user of values (monthly, quarterly and yearly), data will be shown.


      Appreciate your help.