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    Formatting messed up for certain people in Tableau Reader

    Carolyn Marks

      Hello, I have desktop and I publish a packaged workbook to distribute to a few people.  It looks great on my monitor, using desktop.


      My boss sees it fine on his desktop monitor.  He has the same monitor as me.  On his laptop screen, formatting gets messed up (truncation, scroll boxes where there were none, etc.).  However, when I view it on my laptop screen, it is fine (both my boss & I have desktop 10.01).


      A coworker sees it fine on her desktop.  I'm still trying to verify her monitor.  She is using Tableau Reader only.


      Another coworker has a different monitor...but SAME resolution.  The file formatting gets completely messed up on his, Tableau Reader only.


      I'm now using the standard layout of 1000x800 (previously was a custom layout, that didn't work either).


      Any ideas why co-worker 2 has issue displaying the workbook cleanly?  Is there a setting?


      I do have a ticket for this, but haven't heard back....