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    Use sum of measure in one month to filter customer names

    Steffen Nielsen

      Hi everyone,


      I have an issue that I cannot seem to solve.

      Lets say I have a list of customers with ratings from 1-4 - I then want to track if anyone of these customers rating is changing during the year.

      I have then created a calculated field to track if the change is +1, 0 or -1 (lets assume it can only change once at a time) - this works pretty well.

      Problem is my list of customers is very long and I want to filter the customer to only show the ones that have actually made a change.


      Basically what I want to do is, to check if the running sum in month 7 is bigger than 0. If it is, I want to have that Customer Name in the list - and show data for it in all the months.

      However if I use the running sum as a filter, I on get data in the row from when the change first appears - say the rating goes from 2 to 3 in March, I will only get data in my row from March on onwards - where in reallity I want to show data from the beginning of the year - but filtered to only include the customers which have a running sum in july > 0.


      Does that make sense?