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    One for the Ninjas.. Polygon visualisation of casino hall activity... that scales out!!!??

    Nick Hughes

      Now if anyone wanted a challenge, then this is it. If anyone cracks this to high levels then I'll take you out for dinner at TC16. I just don't know where to start.


      I work for an online casino operator. What we are after is a way of visualising how 'full' our casinos are at a given time of day. I'll have data snapshotted every 15 minutes and it'll show by game, how many actives are playing in that time period. avg wager amounts, The trickiest bit is allowing this to scale. What I mean by this is that we might start with 1500 slot machines. At 6am I would expect to have a small amount of these slots active, which I guess we could have by greyed out polygons and red ones that are in use. I'll probably make the slots that are having higher avg bets a deeper red or something. Not figured that out yet. Also the games that are being played changes, we'd probably want to group progressive jackpot machines together too.


      Same for the black jack tables. I'd like to be able to work out via the avg bet size what minimum wager is for a particular table and then see how popular these tables are. See empty seats etc.


      Now I think all this would be fairly doable but it gets very tricky when we realise that we aren't a land based casino. If we have 1500 people on slot machines and more people want to play, then like a cloud DB, we scale out and provide more slot machines. I guess it's a bit like an overflow car park!


      So there is the task in hand. Visualise how full the casino is, which games are being played at what stakes, have the ability to scale in busy periods.


      On your marks... get set... bake! I mean... help!