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    Diagonal Reference Lines with Running Total

    Darren Lewis

      Hello Experts,


      I seem to be stumped (not difficult to do I'm afraid). I've scoured the interwebs, community forms and blogs and learned how to create a diagonal "reference" line from a duel axis trend line (one source: The Datographer: Creating a 45 Degree Reference Line in a Tableau Scatter Plot (without SQL!) ) . That part works. I am stumped on why it is inconsistently working with measures using running total. I am using the superstore data and 3 of the 4 measures in the orders table work just fine when i have running total.



      But when i turn sales into a running total, my diagonal reference trend line disappears. Note the dashed dark gray line is gone in the second image.



      I've attached the workbook. Any advice or direction would be appreciated.