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    Data is missing from DATA SOURCE to SHEET (Could not find out any filter)


      Team - This is strange but I am experiencing following, need help to address this issue -


      I have one field named FRUIT_NAME  (example) and values (take example values are apple, Banana and orange). Now when I am creating a report (sheet) only Banana and Orange is displaying in data but not apple.

      but interesting apple is coming when I am adding a filter in DATA SOURCES as following, but Apple is not coming in SHEET (when creating report). In my actual report I do have couple of other filters but not for FRUIT_NAME field filter.



      I checked all filters and could not able to find out, please help / advise to understand more where is other places to find out that filters. Thats for sure some where data is filtering. but not able to figure it out.


      please suggest.